Values that define us

Health, safety and environmental stewardship is not just a way of conducting business for us, it’s a way of life. From the office to the field, we are dedicated to differentiating ourselves with a sincere commitment to HSE excellence.

In the Office

As part of our commitment to being environmental stewards, we focus on recycling at all our offices. This includes recycling batteries, printer cartridges, lamps and paper which can be reused in the future. We proactively prepare for a variety of potential events and we train our people in a number of areas, including AED/first aid events, fire drills, and more. In the case of severe weather, we’re prepared with emergency evacuation drills and have established an Incident Command System that monitors weather on a daily basis, allowing us to be proactive in alerting our employees of any danger.

In the Field

Our safety performance is improving because of the changes we’re making. Safety meetings have been redesigned to be conducive to learning and cover topics that are applicable to the daily routine of our employees. Focus groups and nationally recognized speakers are brought onsite to present to employees the importance of safety and safety awareness on the job. And monthly executive reviews of our safety and environmental performance through our “Problem Solving Index” are conducted.

hse problemsolvingindex

In addition, field staff receive seasonal flame resistant clothing that uses new technology to make the clothing more comfortable to wear in the summer months.

Regular safety meetings are held at which all OSHA required training is provided, as well as meetings on other safety topics that could pose hazards to employees. In addition to OSHA training, we provide the following training classes.

  • Defensive Driving (all employees)
  • Injury Prevention – Office ergonomics and field ergonomics
  • Incident Command System training (upper management)
  • Incident Investigation (upper management)
  • NORM Awareness and Surveyor training (all field employees)
  • Radiation Safety Officer training (select employees)
  • DOT Supervisor Substance Abuse training (upper management and production foremen)